We all have heard many use the phrase “last of a dying breed” but never have we witness it being so evident in any artist until….DA INVISIBLE MAN. One look into his eyes you can instantly see they are cold, dark and hold no emotion. DA INVISIBLE MAN say his “life has been one big memorable movie script”. Filled with action comedy romance horror etc, henceforth naming his album “(DA MEMOIRS) “FIRST CHAPTER”.

Born of Panamanian/African-American descent. This Brooklynite has seen his share of life hustling on the streets starting at a tender age of 8 years old. He was raised around New York City ‘s most notorious figures. This while coming from broken single parent home, would be invitable that the Pimps, Drug Dealers, & Number Runners would play key roles in the decision of the life he chose. Though some may say His role models lacked positive qualities. DA INVISIBLE MAN say he is thankful for the morals and values they instilled inside of him…. DA INVISIBLE MAN is the real deal. The Man, The Myth, The Legend In the Making!! 

Currently in the studio working on a new project titled “TOLDYALLUKANTSEEME”. DA INVISIBLE MAN was shot in the torso and had to be rushed the hospital. It was during surgery DA INVISIBLE MAN died and was brought back to life. Instantly DA INVISIBLE MAN knew he was here for a reason. “Everyone says im here for a reason and I have a purpose. I agree and believe what God bless no man shall curse. This is my dream and all i have to share with the world. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes and be better than i was.
My musik tells tales of growing up trying to overcome being a statistic. This is my way out them streets.” DA INVISIBLE MAN has definitely experienced some hardships and if music is his therapy. Then im gonna listen and you should to….. 

They only celebrate your destruction never your uprising. Just another jewel from my book of G!!